Attorney investigations

Attorney investigations

It is often necessary to investigate and verify certain circumstances in order to better defend the interests of the client. This may be due to the existence of allegations against the client by law enforcement and other supervisory authorities, the identification of the offenses against the client, and the need to detect violations that have occurred within the company itself.

Lawyers of "Mirzayev and Partners Legal Firm" law firm acting within the framework of the current legislation have the right to conduct independent investigations, collect documents, obtain necessary references and other documents, get expert opinion. Collected documents, explanations and comments analyzed, resulting in the identification of cases that are confirmed by evidence. Detected cases may be used as evidence in the dispute settlement process, including the judicial process.

Our attorneys also analyze the actions of the client and other persons in accordance with the existing legislation, and on the basis of which the legal position and tactics of the case are determined.

The results of the lawyer's investigation shall be formalized in the appropriate manner and shall be issued to the customer together with the evidence obtained.

The legal company "Mirzayev and Partners Legal Firm" conducts the following investigations:

TAX investigations

The purpose of this study is to provide evidence of the validity of your organization's tax exemptions and benefits, and the legalization of the relevant legal position to submit to the tax authorities and the court on their basis.


Such investigations are carried out during the actions of partners that are expressed in the non-performance of works, services and other obligations paid by the customer. Firm's lawyers will conduct an analysis in order to detect possible criminal offenses that the partner may have; collect relevant materials; prepare a petition for law enforcement and other bodies and accompanies the investigation.


This investigation usually takes place when there are doubts about the abusive or criminal offenses of the client company's employees. Often such investigation is carried out by the main (head) structure of the organization to control the activities of the branches, the head of the division and to determine the amount of damage.


Bank branch oversight, including credit violations for the purpose of detection. Our advocates work in close contact with law enforcement agencies against violations of this category, and assist in the collection of relevant evidence of the offense.