Legal services in the field of labor law

Legal services in the field of labor law

During establishing the labor relations between the employer (management, enterprise, organization) and the employee, there may be a variety of misunderstandings and disagreements between them. In many cases, the solution to these conflicts is possible in the court. Conflicts (controversies) during labor relations, besides the irresponsibility of the employer or the employee's irresponsibility, are also due to the low level of legal knowledge and law culture, lack of proper conditions in the production, non-observance of legislation and etc.

We, “Mirzayev and Partners Legal Firm”, are ready to assist both employers and employees in resolving all issues arising in the field of labor law. Our lawyers have the professionalism required to answer any question you are interested in. You can also get professional legal counseling on labor law as well as negotiate the conflict situation.

The legal firm "Mirzayev and Partners Legal Firm" offers the following range of services in the field of labor law:

- Legal aid related to the preparation and conclusion of a collective agreement and other agreements;

- Legal services relating to matters relating to the conclusion, modification and annulment of a collective agreement and other agreements, labor contract, unlawful dismissal of an employee;

- Legal services relating to labor disputes between the employee and the employer regarding the conditions of labor, working time and leisure time, labor remuneration, attestation, graduation, disciplinary liability;

- Legal services for the settlement of disputes arising between the mutual liability of the employer and the employee (liability for damage to one another);

- Legal services relating to labor disputes;

- Legal services for women and the employees who are younger than 18;

- Settlement of collective and individual labor disputes (including resettlement), legal services related to settlement of disputes through court proceedings and judicial proceedings;

- Advocacy services on administrative and criminal cases related to violation of labor rights.


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