Issues related to criminal law

Issues related to criminal law

Criminal law and criminal proceedings are highly sensitive to errors and inaccuracies, and mistakes can result in unwanted consequences. Therefore, it is advisable to approach the professional assistance of a lawyer on criminal prosecution. The outcome of the case is largely dependent on how often victims, suspects, and accused people address to the lawyer.

Some people are familiar with some similar cases; some seek advice from friends and relatives, and thus waste their valuable time. The lawyer, however, is well aware of the legislation and the changes there and also knows how to behave in cases involving these or other offenses, and can give a legal assessment of the cases.

The criminal lawyers of the legal company "Mirzayev and Partners Legal Firm" can join the protection of interests of the suspect and the accused and the victim at any stage of the proceedings. Our lawyers' professionalism is based on prestigious higher education and long-term working experience.

The defense of suspects and defendants in criminal proceedings is a very complicated process, and a positive result comes from the advocate's great effort.

Protecting victims' interests is a reflection of the defense process. Even though the investigation is entirely on the side of the victim, sometimes, poor quality of investigation of criminal cases can result in a violation of the rights of the citizen. Therefore, victims should be more active in protecting their rights. Our lawyers work in close contact with law enforcement agencies and defend the rights of the victims at all stages of the proceedings.

Lawyers of our legal firm are ready to defend their clients in any criminal cases. Our lawyers have extensive experience in crimes against personality, social security and public order, crimes against state power, and crimes against economic and military service. In addition, our lawyers have also mastered specific areas of juvenile justice, such as criminal responsibility and compulsory medical care.


The protection of the rights of victims, suspects and accused people as well as of legal entities is carried out in the following main areas:

- Informing the client about the business prospects based on a thorough analysis of the current situation, providing legal advice on how to build a credible customer position and defining tactical tactics;

- Carrying out advocate investigation in accordance with customer's position and defense tactics, collection and presentation of evidence;

- Determine the correct strategy and tactics of interaction with the body conducting inquiry (primary investigation), as well as with other (opposite) aspects of the process;

- Complaints about the decisions of the bodies conducting the audit, if the decisions do not coincide with the client's position;

- Ensuring that client protection, legal and legitimate interests are respected during initial investigation and in court;

- Ensure that participation in investigative actions, participation in court proceedings and compliance with procedures are met with customer involvement;

- Disclosure of the facts of violation of the right to defense, criminal procedure and other legislation as a result of a thorough study of the materials of the case and giving complaints for the benefit of the customer;

- Submission of appellate and cassation appeals, petitions and appeals substantiated by the higher instance courts;

- Control over the proper implementation of court decisions;

- Taking other measures in accordance with the Criminal Procedure Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the agreement with the Client.


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