Legal services in family law

Legal services in family law


Marriage, family, children's upbringing are a highly sensitive area for legal area. Therefore, a well-educated lawyer should also have high moral qualities and should be especially attentive. On the other hand, because issues related to a family are very important to each of us, it is very essential for the customer to have a highly professional lawyer in this area.

Fortunately, members of the “Mirzayev and Partners Legal Firm” have all of the features listed above to provide qualified advices in family law.

Lawyers in the law firm "Mirzayev and Partners Legal Firm" are always ready to assist in any issues and services like:

  • Legal aid for the preparation of the marriage contract;
  • Legal aid related to the dissolution of marriage and invalidation of marriage;
  • Legal aid related to divorce between husband and wife;
  • Legal aid related to the issue of the appointment of a spouse;
  • Parent-child relationships in the family, parental rights and parental rights issues;
  • Legal assistance for the protection of the rights of persons under 18;
  • Preparation of agreement on payment of alimony on family members' alimony obligations;
  • Legal services related to adoption, guardianship and custody.


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