ARB 24 TV-the first business news channel of Azerbaijan won the competition on the opening of specialized (news) nationwide TV broadcasting channel (the 31st TV channel in Baku city and on the Absheron Peninsula) announced by National Television and Radio Council on December 28, 2017. "Turkel TV" LLC, which possesses the best material and technical base and professional staff in comparison with others, has been granted an unlimited license for the opening of a nationwide TV broadcasting channel (in Baku city and on the Absheron Peninsula) on 31st TV broadcasting channel. The ARB 24 TV channel has started nationwide television broadcasting as the first business news channel in Azerbaijan since November 27. "ARB 24" TV channel offers 24 hours of news coverage of the country and the world, especially in the economic sphere. The economic agenda of the day was discussed in various live broadcasts, along with analyzes conducted by the country and world markets, and the effects of events on the foreign exchange market with local and foreign experts. The digital TV receivers should be re-tuned to the 31st TV channel (or 554 MHz) to accept the ARB 24 TV program. The receiver should search by auto-dialing or selecting 31-st TV channel (or 554 MHz) in manual mode.


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